Forest Essentials Night Treatment Cream Sandalwood and Orange Peel

My skin type is dry- prone to tightness and flaky patches after cleansing. Without any moisturiser, it stays this way and I don’t like the tight feeling. I remember a time during my high-school days when I never bothered about moisturisers, and how my skin became overly dry, pigmented, uneven and dull. I cannot do without moisturising my skin everyday¬†– I need a rich nourishing moisturiser, be it morning, evening or night. I use a moisturiser with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) during day-times which tend to be lighter (reviews coming up later), and a more nourishing one during the night.

In this post I am reviewing the Sandalwood and Orange Peel Night Treatment Cream by my current favourite brand, Forest Essentials. This cream is categorized under the men’s range of products offered by the brand, though of course it can be used by females as well.


Key Ingredients List

IMG-9208¬†I was using the Sandalwood and Saffron Night Treatment Cream by the same brand for some time, and it just didn’t moisturise or hydrate my skin enough. After much thought and apprehension of buying another night cream from the same brand which could turn out to have the same effect, I went ahead and bought it because I thought it had more nourishing ingredients, and man was I right! Forest Essentials doesn’t list out all the ingredients on their products, but just the Key Ingredients, which are also available for viewing on the website. This is a little confusing, because just by looking at the key ingredients, you wouldn’t know how much emulsifier is used in the product as it isn’t listed; from my experience, the higher the emulsifier is on the list, the lighter the moisturiser is. I still do not know how low the emulsifier is on the ingredients list in this cream, but judging from its moisturising properties, it is definitely not as high as the Sandalwood and Saffron cream, in which it is the third ingredient.

The Sandalwood and Orange Peel Night Treatment Cream has a variety of impressive oils and butters in the ingredients list, as seen in the picture of the back label. It has a high content of Marigold Oil, which is renowned for its skin soothing properties; besides being nourishing and soothing, it’s also known for its antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes an excellent addition in a moisturiser. The cream also contains carrot seed oil, which is rich in Vitamin A and is known for healing dry skin and balancing the moisture levels of the skin. Kokum butter, which is used extensively by Forest Essentials in most of their products, is excellent for moisturising dry skin and also promoting regeneration of skin cells. Apart from the splendid mix of oils and butters, the cream also has extracts of beneficial and illustrious herbs and plants, including Turmeric, Sandalwood, Indian Lotus, Holy Basil (Tulsi), and Orange Peel extracts.

I don’t want to write too much about its packaging- it looks petite, luxurious and different from the typical gold-lidded bottles of Forest Essentials.

The cream smells strong upon opening the lid- a scent of orange peel in the forefront, which then pleasantly mingles with sandalwood, and a mixture of tulsi and other herbs in the background. The scent lasts for a while on the skin, more if you have a beard like me; it isn’t overpowering at all, and you feel refreshed and calm whenever you get a whiff of it.

Coming to its effects on the skin, I found that using this cream after cleansing and toning (toning IS important, guys!) gave me instant moisturisation and lasting hydration. This was exactly what I was looking for- a cream that takes away all the dryness, makes the skin very soft, and leaves it feeling hydrated and plump for hours. I love to use this not only as a night cream but also during evenings before heading out, when it keeps your skin supple despite cold winds. It gives a dewy finish to the skin, which makes it appear plumped and healthy. It hasn’t caused any breakouts (I’m rarely prone to breakouts) and doesn’t feel too greasy. Used as a night cream, it effectively hydrates the skin overnight and you wake up with a radiant and bright skin.

I whole-heartedly recommend this cream, not just to use as a night cream, but as a general moisturiser too, whenever you want your skin to feel properly hydrated and nourished.

You can use it alone after toning, or use it after applying a little Light Hydrating Facial Gel Pure Rose Water from the same brand, which adds to the hydration effect.

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