Men’s Skincare

Clear skin is something anybody would want, and even men do things to a certain extent to achieve it. Signs of neglected skin start showing when you’re in your 20s, sometimes even before that. Open pores, pigmentation, blackheads, dark circles and sun-tan are the harbinger of damaged skin, and the conditions only worsen if you neglect them. Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated (it can be, if you so choose, with such arduous methods as the Korean seven-step routine), it can be as simple as drinking a good amount of water and eating clean, healthy food to keep your skin hydrated and your hair lustrous. I stress on healthy eating and regular exercise for good skin (you see any guy who is athletic doesn’t have bad skin) However, more often than not, despite a healthy diet and regular workouts, external elements such as the weather, the sun and pollution damage the skin, and the effects do not look good- not just on the face, but on the body too; let’s be honest, none of us like the way our arms look – plain white bread starting from the top, till the biceps, and brown bread thereafter.


I am going to be talking about skincare products which I have used- which ones actually work and also about the ones don’t work, in my opinion. I like to use products made mostly with natural ingredients like plant and fruit extracts, as they always have a sense of historical appeal to me; Indians, in the ancient times, were known for their even, smooth skin, and they achieved this by elaborate skincare rituals which included ingredients from the nature – oils of sesame and coconut, turmeric, sandalwood, saffron, fuller’s earth, to name just a few. These are time-tested ingredients, and when included in your skincare routine, are rewarding. Of course you can always opt for the modern skincare products which contain various chemicals for specific skincare needs, and which are known to show faster results, but I choose to stay close to nature.